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“Wild about Waratahs” Festival  Bloom Competition 2016

The Festival, an annual event for the past 18 years, is held at Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens, Mount Tomah and is organised by the Gardens.

The aim of the Festival is to present to the public the diversity of form and colour that is to be found in the waratah. It is hoped that an increased awareness of cultivated waratah selections will aid the protection of existing wild stands of waratah.

This year, the Festival is for 10 days from Saturday 24th September to Monday 3rd October inclusive. The Festival has a number of parts. The Festival program outline can be found at http://www.bluemountainsbotanicgarden.com.au/whats-on/

The Wildflower Industry Network (WIN) is undertaking to conduct the Festival’s Waratah Blooms competition.

All commercial wildflower growers are encouraged to support this initiative and submit wildflower blooms for use in the floral displays, and waratahs for entries in the Blooms Competition.

Blooms Competition – RULES AND CONDITIONS

1.       Enter a bloom into one of the classes listed on the next page. Please enter only quality blooms.
2.       There is no limit of entries per exhibitor.
3.       The blooms remain the property of the Festival unless prior arrangement is made.
4.       A minimum stem length of 50cm should be aimed for.
5.       Closing date for exhibit entry is Friday 23rd September 2016.
6.       There is no entry charge.
7.       Set up is on Friday, 23rd September from 9.00am at Blue Mountains Botanic Garden.
8.       Judging will be on Saturday 24th from 9.00am.

Please contact the Flower Show Manager on (02) 45672093 or at fallatt@bigpond.net.au by Sunday 18th September to advise of entries.

Blooms and wildflower donations should be sent to: Waratah Festival C/- East Coast Wildflowers, Warehouse H9, Flemington Flower Markets or sent to your wholesaler at the markets to be there for 1.00am collection on Friday 23rd September.

Prizes: Champion Bloom prize – 2 nights accommodation (available Sunday to Thursday) valid for 12 months at the Jungle Lodge located in the grounds of Blue Mountains BG, Mount Tomah and $50 cash prize for the best bloom in each of the other three competition Sections.

Judges are Cath Offord from Australian Botanic Garden and David Mathews from Protea Flora.


SECTION 1. Seedling Sydney Waratah. – Telopea Speciosissima

Only seed grown specimens and unnamed cultivar specimens of Telopea speciosissima may be entered in this section. Exhibits must be from cultivated plants growing on private property. DO NOT ENTER BUSH PICKED OR PURCHASED BLOOMS. A single bloom to be displayed.

Class 1. Red.

Class 2. Pink

SECTION 2 Commercially available cultivars of Telopea speciosissima

Only vegetatively propagated selections of Telopea speciosissima may be entered in this Section. Exhibits must be from cultivated plants. These must be named clones. A single bloom will be displayed.

Class 3. Large red bloom

Class 4. Small red bloom

Class 5. Large pink bloom

Class 6. Small pink bloom

Class 7. white white bloom

Size of bloom (large or small), to be determined by the people benching the competition entries.

On the entry form for each bloom, please supply the name of the cultivar. Forms attached.

SECTION 3. Commercially available Hybrid Waratah.

Only waratah blooms taken from commercially cultivated hybrid waratahs may be entered in this section. A single bloom will be displayed.

Class 8. Speciosissima x mongonensis cultivars

Class 9. Speciosissima x Oreades cultivars

Class 10. Speciosissima x Truncata cultivars

Class 11. Speciossissima x ………x ………

 SECTION 4 Cultivars of Telopea speciosissima in development

This is an Open section to preview the cultivars being developed for commercial release in the future. Exhibits must be from cultivated plants. A single bloom will be displayed.

Class 12. Telopea speciosissima selections

Class 13. Hybrid Waratah selections

The Festival is sponsored by Protea Flora, WIN and East Coast Wildflowers.

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